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In Mindout you bounce a ball against walls of bricks to blast them away and score points. The energy around the ball grows and shrinks to show you how high your real-time attention is.

Train your brainwaves. Your mind is reflected in the game.

Develop insight and gain understanding in how to influence, increase, control and direct your concentration.


  • Easy and intuitive gameplay, with hard to master expert goals
  • Your brainwaves fuel the ball with the NeuroSky MindWave headset
  • Play through 30+ levels of brain flavoured fun
  • Earn Silver and Gold Medals to show off your brainpower
  • Compete in online highscore levels and challenge your friends
  • Play with 3 characters that each have a unique explosion

Build Your Focus

Adventure mode features 30 levels of exciting and addictive gameplay, spread out over 3 worlds that each hold a unique collection of bonus and sabotage bricks. Unlock levels, playable characters, achievements, medals and additional game modes.

Expand Your Mind

Choose from 3 playable characters that each react differently to your mindpower. Using their unique explosion types, try out various strategies to get at those hard to reach places and round up as many bonus bricks as you can.