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Digest Inntake
Digest Inntake

Digest Inntake

Based on scientific theory, the Digest Intake App enables dieticians and general practicioners to determine what food groups or specific food products have highly personally reinforcing (addictive) values.

The app identifies what type of food a person is hooked on, and to what extent the participant is willing to go, to obtain products from this specific product group compared to other, non-addictive, products or food groups.

Digest Inn

The Digest Intake App is part of a larger applied gaming project called Digest Inn. This project, partnering with Chardon Pharma and sponsored by the Province Gelderland (Oost NV), aims to enable obese people to overcome their fight against their unwanted weight.

Gaming is quickly emerging as a useful tool to increase the adherence rate to therapies with adherence issues. These otherwise, highly effective treatment strategies lack the intrinsic and/or extrinsic motivation to ‘keep up the good work’.

Digest Inn will be specifically designed to assist people with overweight who already have requested the help of a professional (eg. a dietician). This specific population have taken the (first) steps necessary to effectively start changing their lifestyle for the better.

Digest Inn is currently being piloted with some great early results.

The Digest Intake App is “../digestinn/the first step in identifying problem behavior and is used as gameplay input for the Digest Inn game.

For more information about Digest Inn, take a look at the Digest Inn project page or visit the Digest Inn website.


  • The application automatically saves and outputs all participant data (raw and summarized)
  • Easy to use, easy to instruct user interface
  • Adjust test settings with the click of a button
  • Change the graphical user interface in the blink of an eye
Digest Inntake
Digest Inntake