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Moodbot wins at Games for Health 2015!

By 01/12/2015september 26th, 2023Geen categorie

The University Medical Centre Utrecht has selected Moodbot from amongst 30 submissions for it’s valorazation program. With it’s bold mission statement “the best care now, and in the future” the UMCU wants to be intimately involved with evaluating, validating and implementing promising healthcare innovations.

The Moodbot foundation is excited to welcome a new partner to validate the game and the underlying theories for treatment in the day-to-day practice of the hospital.

Moodbot is currently being tested and validated in a forensic setting by the founding organizations (Altrecht, Kijvelanden, Arkin & GGZ Centraal) of the Moodbot consortium. The UMC Utrecht taking part in the project wil enable a broad scale use of the application.

According to the UMC Utrecht, the Moodbot concept fits very well with multiple strategic domains that the hospital is investing in:
The Brain; Immunology & Infections; Oncology; Heart, vascular and Lung; Regenerative medicine; and Children’s Healthcare.

GainPlay is proud to have developed Moodbot along with the HKU (Utrecht School of Arts) and IPPO, and are looking forward to nurture and develop the application further into maturity!

More information (in dutch):