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Prime Minister Rutte visits

By 14/05/2014februari 4th, 2019Geen categorie

Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited the Dutch Game Garden to check out the state of the dutch games industry. In a relaxed atmosphere he was informed about the Dutch game industry and businesses in the DGG. Rutte was not here as the leader of the country, but as a political leader of the VVD party, so there was suddenly a lot more room for dialogue.

DGG boss Viktor Wijnen set the tone for the evening with his welcome speech: “There are three ways to speak to Prime Minister. With ‘Prime Minister,’ ‘Mr Rutte’ or ‘Mark’. The latter is preferred.” Rutte then turned to the audience, smiled and said “and when in doubt you just say ‘Excellency'”.

Among other games Rutte also checked out Daydream and was very interested in the different applications of the serious game.